What is A Linkable Asset and How To Build Link Assets?

Wondering what happened to your site ranking despite building 1000s of links? Puzzled about what more is needed to be done and where your efforts went wrong? Still.. thinking? Then stop thinking and start reading this article for Link asset building for your website.

Linkable Assets

It is very important in this highly technical era to stay ahead of your competitors.

Keeping an eye on your competitors constantly gives you more tactics to play around acquiring link asset ideas.

So far, you might have build thousands of links, which is really great. Read my blog How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2020. Because earning only quality links is not the end. It is a continuous process as you always wanted to stay ahead in your business. So what more can be done to get the sustainable long term ranking on the SERP page? 

Read out the complete blog on link assets, what is link assets and how to acquire link assets.

Let’s jump into our main topic 

By the end of this session, you will pretty much be aware of all the above topics. Link asset-building does not only give the traffic and ranking for your business but is also beneficial in social shares, brand awareness, and monetization.

  • What is Linkable Asset 

A link asset is a type of content that has been created to target a particular audience. The intent of the linkable asset creation is to draw more links from valuable domains. Linkable assets are non-promotional, In-depth as well as useful.

Creating such content needs a lot of experience in a particular business area as you are going to deal with all the other layers of that content such as question and answer forums, publishing videos, etc.

The content can be in any form like infographic, video, a case study, a webinar, etc. These contents have to be created very carefully. It must be relevant to your business industry. And you have to see that your content is fulfilling the reader’s intent. Read my blog, 8 Things You Should Know About Crafting Your content Plan which will give you a clear insight to create a content plan.

Linkable assets are created to get quality links from the well-reputed sites naturally. 

E.g. Suppose you have created a video and a blog with the title  “3 basic courses to become a successful Digital Marketer.”

Make sure that you are covering the following things :

  • Target Audience Research
  • Competitor Research 

Once it is done, the topic which you have selected should be well researched and analyzed thoroughly. 

  • The course you are going to publish must contain all the sub-topics for beginners to executives.
  •  It must solve all types of questions related to that niche. It should serve the student’s intent to do the course. 
  • Try to handle all the possible questions of the student. May be online or offline.

This kind of video or blog, case studies can be searched with all the marketing and MBA educational societies, institutions, etc. And automatically these institutions put your links on their websites. These links are called as a referral link. Earning these types of links is a huge impact on your site ranking.

       Building linkable assets for beginners is quite a tough task. But gradually as you search more for outreach, you will come to know how people are creating great content to earn links. Doing competitor analysis frequently also helps to get the ideas to start with such practices. As a beginner, it will be a little difficult and time-consuming but it gives the long term effects in terms of site ranking. It needs constant efforts and a well-planned backlink building strategy.

Now we will discuss the selection of content type to get such a valuable outreach for a start-up! 

  • Types of Link Asset

There are several linkable asset types that really work wonders in less time period. But you need to be careful while choosing the type of content.

The following are the list of types of content: 

  • Case Study
  • Blogs
  • Infographic (GIF-o-Graphic, Map-o-graphic) 
  • Free Guides
  • Scholarship pages
  • Calculator Tools ( Calorie calculator, EMI calculator, etc.)
  • Glossaries
  • Industry statistics pages
  • Templates
  • Videos/Webinar
  • Interactive Content

Case Study: 

A case study is usually used in the research-based industry. You can also use a case study type to use as a linkable asset if you are in the business of any product /service provider.

Case Study

 Case studies help a business to get new ideas from the data collected by its customers after using their products or services. And your business works like wonder after implementing these ideas in your business.


Writing blogs is really a tedious task. Because for blogs, you have to create long content. This has to be done by the professional as well as an experienced writer if you want to acquire the linked asset through the blogs. Remember you can only acquire valuable links from reputed sources only if the well-created content is satisfying the user’s intent. 

Link Building resource-blog

If you are in the teaching or educational field and started your online courses in different areas, then video or blogs are the best fit for your business.

 Infographic (GIF-o-Graphic, Map-o-graphic):

It is well said that  “ A picture represents 1000 words”. Yeah, and that’s true. Infographic is such a picture that you can tell a big story in short with pictorial representation. 

This is the best way to brand your business. Infographics are a big hit in all types of industries. 

There are again two types of infographic GIF-o-Graphic, Map-o-graphic.


It is a GIF-o graphic. The image shows how the car engine works in 4 simple steps including some information on that.

Map-o-graphic is the image that shows the map and the statistical data per state in the country or world map and the countries data.

Map -o Graphic

If your industry always needs some area wise statistical-based report generation then this kind of representation always works great. Creating such images by providing real-time data makes sense. Remember, if you give exactly what a user wants then it works in no time. Automatically such graphical representations generate backlinks.

  • Free Guides:

Free guides are again somewhat like a lengthy blog related to your industry. This can explain any kind of product/service in detail and make it useful for the readers.

  • Scholarship pages:

Scholarship programs to build the backlinks? Sound weird but true. That’s absolutely right that you are paying to needy to get backlinks from reputed institutions. But it also increases your market value. Paying the right candidate for his/her education builds a social reputation and also helps to get the link assets from reputed .edu sites.

Link building source

  • Calculator Tools ( Calorie calculator, EMI calculator, etc.)

Develop a tool or app and market it through social media. Find your competitor and try to provide advanced and effective features than the competitors. Find their backlinking assets and approach them by convincing how good your new tool is with advanced features in it. 

Link building Source- calculator

This needs good communication and technical skills to convince your target audience.

  • Glossaries:

As all the books contain the number of topics i.e. index page, it also contains a Glossary page that contains the meanings of the words used in the book. This is one of the perfect ways to target the right audience with fewer efforts. In any industry, people use some kind of Jargon while talking/writing about their product or service. 

Link building source1


Providing the glossary with the exact meanings of the words and its significance will be helpful for the newbies and also for the ones who are using your products.

  • Industry statistics pages:

You might have come across the blogs or any infographics which show the statistical data. Some times, statistical data makes you visualize the exact answer to your questions. Describing such data needs an in-depth knowledge of the industrial market in which you are working. People use tools to calculate such data and create graphs.

Industry Statistics

 A lot of streams need statistical data such as students to search for their project work, publishers to publish in magazines, etc. It is always a good idea to earn links through these ways as it gives you natural links from high authority pages. 

  • Templates :

Templates also a kind of format for which people make a search. Like SEO audit report template, Specific Industry Report Template. Testing templates, Feeling the tender for industry, etc. Publishing your industry related free downloadable templates helps so many people. This way you can earn some more links. 

Link building Source-Template

  • Videos/Webinar:

As I said earlier that picture represents 1000 words. Likewise, Videos give the exact idea to the reader or seeker on what you are trying to convey them. Few things cannot be explained in words. It takes some practical sessions or real-time experiments which really draw huge traffic in less time.

E.g. A video explaining step by step Maths examples.

A video showing the recipe with the ingredients.

A video showing the “How to Use a Machine or Software applications”, etc.

Some of the great content can be given by webinars. 


                  Videos are the media and hence it grabs the attention quickly.
  • Interactive Content :

The content which engages the user for more time is considered as an “Interactive Content”. Maybe it is video, webinars, infographics or surveys and polls, assessments and quizzes, small educational tests, storytelling or flashcards. Anything can be interactive which uses a lot of attractive pictures and excellent content to reach the target audience.

Build the link assets and grow with a sustainable ranking.

Good luck!!



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