How to Get High-Quality Backlinks in 2020

As you have landed on this blog you must know how the backlinks are working and which SEO backlinks are more useful in terms to get the rankings on the Search engines.

Quality Backlinks in 2020

Read about what is backlinks and how it works. Well, Google Updates changes frequently and it still looks at backlinks as a major rank booster. So building quality backlinks from high-quality sites are worth to get the ranks.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the following points

  • How to Build backlinks

The following things help you to get the hold on techniques while building quality backlinks.

And you will be able to plan your backlinking strategies accordingly.

  • Building Quality Backlinks: 

There are a few techniques to generate backlinks. While all SEO executives crave for high-quality backlinks, there are tactics behind that to generate that “high-Quality Backlinks”. To achieve that you have to plan a proper backlink strategy.

Building Backlinks

Competitor Research:

Anything in the SEO activity will always start with the competitor analysis. The more backlinks your competitor have, you have to build plus from them. Make sure your link building process should be ethical. It is following all the EAT (Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy)standards. If your competitors are having backlinks 1000 links then you must have 1000+ backlinks.

Also, analyze from which higher domains your competitors are getting backlinks as you also have to compete for the same domains.

Big challenges come with the SEO backlinks competition. Stay ahead in the race by creating effective content.

High-Value content: 

Create great content which will surely work 200%. Making such skyscraper content needs a lot of patience and equally research. Remember such skyscraper contents only draws more traffic. For great content, you also need to have a good content management plan. Sites like Huffington Post, HubSpot reviews your content and then only ready to put your site link on their page. And if these high DA, PA possessing consider your site links then its a great deal in Google’s eye.

Be pure and sure. Writing a blog without proper research and analysis take you down in no time. So make sure you are always emphasizing quality over quantity. Try to maintain your content original.

Become a guest writer for Bloggers and Reporters:

Let’s work become a HARO (Help a Reporter Out ) Helping reporters by writing content for them.

This is one of the best techniques that people use to get links. Guest posting is the tried and tested method. If you write some quality content for the blogging sites or news agency then it will help you to get good links from these sites. 

This is how you will start the relationship building with different sources to get the SEO  backlinks. 

Building Links from Outdated Links:

You can get the backlinks from the sources which have 

  • Changed the URL. E.g to
  • Changed the services
  • Stopped offering the services
  • Changed name of the services

Social Shares:

Social share. Big share. Social media management added a lot of advantages to digital marketing. But there is a way out. While posting on social media you have to be careful while posting the content. Its all about the timings. Posting certain videos or some amazing content at the right timings give a boost to your brand.

It is proven that the “Use of right content type will help you in a great way to generate the backlinks as well as boost your content on social handles.”

Types of Contents: 

There are several types of content that we will discuss used as content.

  • Infographics
  • List-post
  • Quiz
  • How to Post 
  • Why post 
  • Video 

These are some common post types used in social media to share. Try to be creative while creating such a post as it gives a lot of shares in less time.

Creating an Ultimate Guide:

Also, you can consider publishing some amazing content like a “ buyer’s guide, Ultimate Guide to, Ways to do.” These kinds of contents boost your traffic and if it is really serving the user’s intent then it will get mentions as well.

E.g  Create a step by step process or guidelines for your business will impact high on Google. 

A step by step guide for Bloggers

This topic will contain the following subtopics 

  • A complete guide for beginners
  • A step by step guide for writing blogs
  • How to become an effective writer 
  • A rulebook for bloggers
  • Do’s and Don’ts for bloggers

This kind of guide helps to woo a large reader group. These articles cover the topics for beginners as well as experienced people. And hence helps to build genuine backlinks.

2.Types of backlinks:

There are 2 types of backlinks. They are Do Follow and No Follow links.

Do-Follow Links tells Search Engine crawlers to give more SEO value.

No-Follow Links tells Search Engine crawlers to give less SEO value.

Remember we always try to get the DO-follow links from valuable domains.

There are several types of links that are considered as the best, good links and bad links. 

The following table shows the list of links under each category. 

Best Links Good Links  Bad Links
  • Editorial Backlinks
  • Guest blogging backlinks
  • Business profile backlinks
  • Webinar Links
  • Free tool links
  • Acknowledgment Backlinks
  • Bio backlinks or Guest post bio backlinks
  • Badge backlinks
  • News backlinks
  • Comments backlinks
  • Paid Links
  • Forum Links
  • Nonnews worthy Backlinks

Trying to build the links accordingly will help you to gain good traffic. Remember you have to always put some extra efforts to get those links that are highly valued and authoritative. Building such backlinks are takes time but those give sustainable results in terms of SEO.

Backlinking Mathods- Infographics

3.Backlinking methods:

  • Infographics
  • Brand mentions
  • Guest posts
  • Influencer Outreach ( Case Studies, Do Interviews)
  • Claim Unlinked Mentions
  • Business Listings
  • Submit Testimonials
  • Broken Link Strategy
  • Submit Creatives
  • Use Q&A websites to get easy links.
  • Online Tools

Let us see one by one how to generate the links from the above-listed sources.

  • Infographics :

Create a good article with the right infographic. Make sure that your infographic image will stand out among all the competitors. If you put the right efforts to get it done you will definitely get the good backlinks naturally.

  • Brand mentions:

Yes, that’s true, it takes time to create good content. And someone really feels bad if they didn’t get the backlinks after taking a lot of effort in writing guest posts. 

If the domain is not ready to give the backlinks then ask them to give the brand mentions for your site. This also helps to get the ranking. Think you have 10 brand mentions in 10 different unique domains. Sounds Cool.. right??

Google will understand that this brand has been mentioned by so many high-quality sites.

  • Guest Post:

This is one of the best and old practices which is been followed by digital marketers because a lot of quality links can be built by the guest posts. This is quite a crucial task for building backlinks because it has taken big efforts. 

First, you need to find out your competitor’s backlinks

To get the backlinks from the same domains you have to write constructive mail.

After sending 1000 emails in a day you can expect 10 replies to your mails.

Among those 10 people, only 2-3 people will ready to take your post and put your link on their sites.

Overall this is a lengthy and crucial procedure to build the links in your initial stage but it gives 100% results in the long run. Once you got to hold on guest posting it will automatically help you to get more and more links.

This type of backlinking method takes time to get the links but surely it is effective to rank you naturally in the long run.

  • Submit Creatives:

Submitting your case studies or great images, the presentation is again a hack. If you are publishing 100s of images and presentations or e-books, infographics on different social media, its reach will be more. Sooner or later you will get good links from these sites. And off-course getting backlinks from social media sites gives quite high weight to your site rank. This may not happen immediately but over time it will work like a wonder. It creates some natural links to your sites. 

  • Claim Unlinked Mentions:

This is something you have to keep checking to get the links. 

Unlinked mentions

Suppose you type your brand name in Google Search, then you will find there are several sites where your brand has been mentioned. 

Try to contact the site owner and write the mail stating that, they have already mentioned your site name but it will be great if they can put the link of your site.

There is no harm to claiming the unlinked mentions. 

  • Broken Link Strategy:

This is again a good and time-consuming strategy to get good backlinks. 

broken links

Let me explain an example here. 

If suppose you are a beauty blogger. If you found that there are 50 competitors you have. Among those 50 you found that 2 sites are not live. Immediately you can find their backlinks using ahref or semrush. And if you found that these sites have around 100 to 150 backlinks then you can check out the list from where they are getting the backlinks. You have to sort out from which higher DA they are getting it and try to contact them. Once you have contacted them, you can ask them that the links they have placed on their sites are no more working. As you are also from the same niche, instead of placing a broken link, they can place your link on their sites. Off -course you have to convince them for the same. But there are higher chances you will get quality backlinks through those domains. So you have to keep an eye on competitors. And this can be reached by doing good competitor analysis.

In the above example when I am writing about ahref and semrush that is considered as a brand mentions.

  • Business Listings:

Business listing submission is what all the marketers do to ensure that their business is appearing in the local market as well. 

Business Listing

E.g. Google My Business Page, Yellow Pages, Just dial, India mart, etc. 

The above image shows the business page for the site.

If you are a blogger then it is not useful for you but if you are some service provider or product supplier then it really worth to get visible on the GMB page. That’s how people get connected to you easily. Mention your official physical address, phone number etc.

  • Use Q&A websites to get easy links:

This is one of the easiest ways to get referral traffic from Question and Answers forum-based sites like Quora. Engage your audience in questions and answer sessions by offering some good solutions to their problems or any service information or product information. This way you will get recognized in the community and can bring the traffic to your site. Nofollow links from these types of sites also worth to earn.

  • Submit Testimonials: 

This is one of the good and easy ways to get backlinks. Because submitting the word of praise to the site owner will always beneficial for them too. 

Let’s look at the example. 

Suppose you are running the business of beauty products. And you have used some of the SEO tools like SEOquake, smallseotools, etc. In this case, you can mention the usefulness and how it helped you to get your work done, to the tool owner. He will surely add your comments in the testimonials page of his site.

Don’t forget to add your domain link to the content.

This is how you will get the backlink and he also will have a benefit by adding one more feather in his cap.

In this way, if you are using anyone’s service, then don’t forget to submit for their testimonial page.

  • Influencer Outreach ( Case Studies, Do Interviews):

This somewhat depends on your communication skills. Suppose you have published some interview which is with some high profile person from your industry and shared it all along the social channels, then there are high chances that people will get influenced by your social status. This way your interview gets shared and liked all around. So you will able to manage some good links from higher domains.

Remember there are always tactics and tricks behind building backlink strategy. Analyzing your efforts and its results will help you to build quality backlinks in less time.

It’s all up to your efforts that how you use your communication to earn some quality links.

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