How to Find Competitor Page-Level Traffic

Google research shows that 63% of people research before heading shopping. Once they are done with the research, they will make a mind to purchase. In this scenario of your site is not ranking on top position then there are high chances that traffic is getting diverted to your competitors. 

How to find Competitor Page-Level Traffic

Readout this article to know more about your competitor’s page-level traffic and get the plan done to increase your site traffic.

Page Level Traffic


In the field of marketing, it is a very usual practice to do the competitor website analysis regularly. Likewise, in digital marketing, we have to handle all these activities online. Getting into the competitor’s skin and knowing the business tactics and following their footsteps to grow easily in terms of organic ranking. As well as finding their weak points and taking charge of the same will encourage us to divert the traffic to our site.

Different factors we have to consider in the research of competitor analysis. There are several reasons we usually go for competitor analysis.

Reasons why we go for competitor analysis

  • To know our position with the competitor and where we stand among all
  • To find the strengths and weakness of the competitor
  • Plan to get the desired results with effective SEO efforts like building backlinks, target keywords, content marketing, and social media optimization.
  • To find more opportunities in terms of all kinds of SEO activities where the competitor’s lacking.

Traffic Analysis


You can be got for more details about the factors which we need to take into consideration while doing competitor website analysis in my 7 ways to know Your Competitors – Strengths And Weaknesses blog.

There are two different ways we can analyze website traffic. 

Let us discuss how the different techniques of traffic measurement help to draft the content plan.

 How to see the traffic to web sites :

There are several competitor analysis tools available in the market which can be used to check the web page traffic. Before starting with the competitor’s page-level analysis you must check your page-level traffic. Once you get data for your page-level traffic, you can analyze your data with the competitors and get a clear insight into traffic analysis. 

To find your page-level traffic Google Analytics is one of the best tools. 

You can follow this checklist before heading forward.

  • How much traffic do you have per page?
  • Which page is receiving higher ROI (Return over Investment)?
  • How much time a user is spending on the site?
  • What is the bounce rate? If it is high then what is the reason? ( Like poor content, loading time, the responsiveness of the site, etc)?
  • What type of audience is looking for your site?
  • Which Geolocation is giving more business?
  • Which Traffic sources (Like Social Media, Direct, referrals, etc) generating more traffic for your site?

Few questions may vary from business to business but these are few generic questions which can give you an idea to create your set of the question according to your business requirement.

Website Traffic

Here I will explain the example of If you check the traffic with GoogleAnalytics, you will get the answers to the above questions very clearly.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools which gives you different insights apart from traffic, such as demographics, behavior, geolocation, views per page. active users and many more things. This data can be used to work on the page level changes so that the overall site will have a good percentage of traffic and it will automatically increase the organic ranking.

Once you are ready with your data it is easy to analyze what and where we are lacking or where the competitor putting more effort to raise the traffic on his site. Remember, it is important to know how the traffic is generating for the competitors.

Techniques to find Competitor page-level traffic:

Now I will discuss how to find competitor’s highest page traffic so that you also can create those pages and get the quick traffic.

You can compare the following things with your competitors:

  • How many pages are ranking?
  • For which keyword they are ranking?
  • What is the page level traffic?
  • How is the content represented?
  • How many backlinks available for that particular page?
  • Which kind of backlinks are there for a particular page?

Once you are done with finding the Competitor for your business. Make a list of those competitors and maintain an excel sheet.

Let’s take the example of a mattress. Suppose I have to make a site that is giving the comparison between the mattresses, reviews, and comments over the mattresses. And these reviews are helpful to the user to buy the best mattress.

You can use different SEO competitor analysis tools for the Competitor website analysis.

After doing all the competitor analysis with different tools you have to maintain the data as shown in the below image.

Page Level TrafficThe above image giving more clarity about the competitors. In the above image, I have taken the site traffic from different sources like similar web traffic, semrush traffic, backlinks, etc. The figures in the site show that overall site traffic of your competitors.

Let’s dig down more to get into the page-level traffic. Semrush provides different insights for the site which gives details about the site pages.

Page Level Traffic of website
If you see in the above figure there are all the pages of the site which is our competitor. It shows page-level traffic. All the pages have different traffic. Every page is generating traffic with some number of keywords.

From this, you can analyze 

  • which page is having higher traffic?
  • For how many keywords it is ranking?
  • What keywords they are using?
  • Which article generating higher ROI?

These are the minimum you can get from Semrush data. You can explore more for the backlinks, their consistency in ranking and geolocation for which they are targeting, etc.

Page Level Traffic from similarweb


There are different tools available in the market for this kind of research. For example, the SimilarWeb tool also checks the organic traffic for the websites. The different tools help you to get a thorough insight into the analysis.  The above image shows the organic traffic for the mattress site. The same way we can see which medium is generating more traffic for them. The site is generating traffic more by organic search than any other means. This shows that the site is consistently ranking and serving people’s needs. As it is ranking on top, people are quite aware of the site. 

Some times there will be duplicate traffic that can be seen for the same topic. This usually happens when different sites are writing articles for the same product. So, in this case, you have to consider the site with higher traffic.

Using SEO competitor analysis tools to get a thorough idea of the competitor website traffic is always a good option coz these tools give the proper understanding to plan your SEO strategies efficiently.

Don’t wait!! Start today to plan your SEO strategy!! 

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