9 Factors Google Uses To Evaluate SEO Links

All the SEO activities start with On-Page and Off-page activities. The on-page activities deal with the content, meta tags, description, etc. And off-page activities start with Backlinks. So in this blog, I am going to discuss what are backlinks? and how Google evaluates your SEO links to give the ranking?

How to get high quality backlinks in 2020

Backlinks are the referrals from the other websites to your website who is having good domain and page authority i.e. DA and PA. The value and trust passed on by the other site to your site. Google finds such inbound links for your site to rank it on the SERP page.

Backlinking has a prominent role behind the Google Rankings. It has a big share in the SEO which is broadly known as Off-page optimization.

There are several metrics used by Google for the backlinking process, that every marketer has to follow. Probably backlinking is the most important tool to get the SEO ranking as it provides the authority to your website from other valuable sites from the same niche. As SEO is the combination of On-page and off-page activities, Google evaluates the site links while crawling and then decide the ranking position. Google search links to website evaluate for quality backlinks that matter a lot. The more you get backlinks the higher ranking on the SERP page but the backlinks should be from higher authoritative websites. Backlinks count is yet again a major metric for search engines to rank.

Backlink building requires skills like good communication, social circle and of course a marketing skills. Whatever it may take to build the links it has a long-time impact on your site ranking. It builds trust and ultimately drives traffic to your site. The overall efforts taken to build high DA and quality backlinks will be the fruitful efforts for your site ranking.

Let us see more in detail about backlinks.

How does backlink work?

A site who is having higher domain authority will place a link of your site on their site. If the 100 sites are ready to put your website link on their sites then your site is considered as highly demanded and valuable site. Backlinks are also known as Inbound Links.Google will look at your site as “Quality Site”. In this way, if you have managed to get the thousands of backlinks from some good and recognized sites no doubt your site will rank higher. 

The concept of backlinks defines your reputation in the online market. Google sees how many backlinks your site has and decides the ranking of your website. If you master in earning backlinks with your effective communication skills in a short time then you will see the big change in your rankings.

Initially, it is quite difficult to get backlinks. And approximately it takes 3-6 months for ranking after building backlinks. If you are a start-up then you have to follow some backlink building techniques which will help you to boost the traffic for your site. 

Let us see how it started. 

Since 90’s backlinks got more importance in Google’s search engine algorithms. E.A.T one of the Google algorithm through which Google checks the expert, authoritative and trustworthiness of the site. If your site doesn’t display these qualities then it is considered as a lower grade site.

How this expertise and trust can be built? This comes if your site has good content and off course if it is meeting the user’s intent. That means your on-page optimization is done well and it must be future proof in terms of content.

Google Consider Following Factors

Source Authority :

-As we have discussed above mainly google checks the authority of the site. 

How old is the site?

what is the traffic it has?

How many Backlinks it has?

If the site is possessing the above qualities then that site is considered as a  quality site and you have to get the links from these kinds of sites.

If you are new in this market then it is tough to get the backlinks from authoritative sites. You have to struggle hard and use your communication skills to get the links from such a site by sending the mails.

Usually, link building again depends on the keyword difficulty score. The below chart will show how much time it takes to build the links depending on the keyword difficulty.

Keyword Difficulty scale

The above image shows how many links you need to build according to the keyword difficulty score. If the quality score is 0-10 then you need to build 10 quality links from reputed sites. If the quality score is 11-30 then you need to build 30+ backlinks and so on. The image also shows that how much time tentatively it takes to build the backlinks.

But if you are involved aggressively in the link building process you may get 100 links in a month. Remember getting links is also highly depends on the content of the site. If you have super effective content on your site then it will really work soon. 

No-Follow Links:

There are certain pages on the website which you may not want Google to Crawl. Those pages you can tag as <Nofollow> in the HTML code. But if the authoritative sites are placing your links on such pages then those links are considered as Nofollow links. Because Google will not crawl those pages from that site and hence placing your links on such pages is of no use. It will not pass any link juice or authority to your site. So while backlink submissions make sure you are providing the “Do Follow” links to the sites.

Nofollow links are also useful if you are putting any government, .org, or for any reputed organization links on your site for the reference of your related content. 

E.g. thefitglobal.com is the health blog site. The site contains the NoFollow links of the reputed government site. Though the link is Nofollow status and it is not passing any link juice, it increases the reputation of the host site which is holding this link as the link belongs to the authoritative site.

Google Evaluate The Links

Origin Relevancy:

This matters a lot to Google when it comes to relevancy as the search engine giant always looks for the relevant results for the user’s query. If, suppose you are having a health blog or Travel Blog site then you have to search for the relevant reputed sites to your niche for backlinking submissions. Or at least you have to think that your service or product is relevant to the other site.

 E.g If you have a travel blog site and you are building links for some irrelevant sites like technical sites or medical sites then it’s invaluable. Literally, that doesn’t make sense. 

Backlinks with origin Relevancy

In the above image, the testing site guru99.com is mentioning the links of the different testing tools. Links can be in the form of an image, site name or infographics, etc. But this is going to the original site to download the tools.

That means a technical site is supporting only relevant links.

Content Relevancy:

As much as a source is a concern for Google while mentioning the links the content relevancy is also a big thing. Your content should match with the relevant pages.

For example,In the below image, as I have explained that thefitglobal.com is the health site and they have put the no-follow links to the higher authority link on their site. That should be matched with the content of the page.

Google Evaluate The LinksThe above image shows that the content is related to “Benefits of Surya namaskar”. 

And the link goes to the following page on the NCBI site which an authoritative site i.e. National Centre of Biotechnology Information.

The other example can be, suppose you are running some advertisement agency than its always better and beneficial for you to get the backlinks from Newsagency or real estate developers or food chain shop owners than any doctor’s association sites or any higher educational sites.

backlinks- Content Relevancy

Anchor Text :

Anchor Text is the clickable link that contains the referring webpage of your site. Using Keyword enriched anchor text is among one of the best practices for Google some time back. But now it is not the case. Your link must look genuine and which also seems to be natural and relevant.

The anchor text link should be pointing to the relevant page which has the relevant context from the incoming page. Anchor texts also used to jump on the same page on the relevant content so it is also called jump links or anchor links.

E.g  The “SEO” anchor link can be pointed towards the Digital Marketing service page, Local SEO Service page, or E-commerce SEO service page. That should not go to irrelevant pages like the Software testing page or Mobile app development page. 

Link Destination: Linking to the valuable destination page is highly recommended. 

Check out which of your content is generating more traffic? Which content is highly accepted and readable by the user? This is how Google finds that links are pointing to your high traffic generating the page and ultimately helps to rank your page upwards.

Diversity:  Diversity is again one of the great things for which Google can evaluate as a high value for your site. If you can get the backlinks from more unique sites with high DA and PA then that sounds great. 

But make sure there must not be the irrelevant unique sites. Although this is good practice be cautious while choosing the sites. Many unique sites can also look suspicious to Google.

Poor and Spam Links: 

Strictly No No to Poor and spam or broken links in Google Eye. Long back, marketers use to earn the bulk of links from different sites to get the ranking. Hardly they were serious about the quality links.

And with that sites use to get the rankings. But then Google recognized that though the people have a lot of backlinks, they don’t have readworthy content. And they released Google’s Penguin Update.

This update hit all those sites which have spam links, broken or poor links.

The freshness of the Content: 

It is a regular practice for marketers to update the content of the sites. Updating the content and getting backlinks from those domains adds weight to your ranking. 

E.g  If you are running an advertisement agency and you are trying to get the backlinks from the news agency, then try to get the links from their most updated pages to your relevant content. It adds value to your site. As Google looks freshness of the unique sites.

Hope you found this information relevant and informative. Please share your comments if any!


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