5 ways How to do In-depth Audience Research

Value Audience, and get valued your business. Simple line yet huge meaning. Knowing your audience cord and running the business will not only boost sales but also add the reputation to your business. Once you learn the art of knowing the audience, it’s quite easy to plan your SEO content and target audience.

5 ways How to do In-depth Audience Research

In-Depth Audience Research – Why it is Required? 

Knowing your customer needs is one of the critical requirements of business development. You will never be able to grow your business without analyzing your audience and their needs. Audience market research allows you to go in-depth to find out who all are in need of your Product/Service to increase sales.

Target audience research helps you to find potential customers.

In-depth Audience Research


Getting into audience skin and look from their perspective gives a little idea of how customers can opt for the service. But this is not enough for online business. Here are the 5 ways you can search and target the audience.

  1. Target Audience Research 
  2. Organic Research
  3. Finding the Pain Point
  4. Targeting Through Social Channels
  5. Follow Them up Through Mails

Audience Research


1.Target Audience Research:

It’s not easy to know the target audience. There are some perfect research target audience methods that will give the typical set of keywords by which you can know which keywords are used by people to reach your services.

As you are reading this blog you all know how to find the keywords. There are several tools like  Sem rush, keywordtool.io and Google Keyword tool that can be used to search for audience market research.

Here I will explain how you need to pick up the correct keywords by sorting out among the sea of keywords.

Now let us take the example of the “Surprise Party”. Suppose I want to create a portal like bookthesurprise.com.When people want to throw a surprise party to their loved ones they will try to search with the common keyword “Surprise Party”. As we need to do the audience research we have to find the target keywords from various tools available in the market.

Let us take the keywords from all the tools

Semrush data :

Target Audience Research Data


Google Keyword Tool data :

Keywords Data


Keywordtool.io data :

Keyword Data1











Once you are done with the collection of data from all the audience market research, it is time to club all the data in the excel sheet. All the keyword tools give us almost 100 to 1000 keyword ideas. If you keenly observe all the keyword sheets, you will come to know that there are so many keywords that really don’t matter for us as we are targeting the audience who want to

organize a surprise party and not looking for only ideas or activities, decoration ideas and so on. So cut out those keywords from the list and make a new list with the right keywords.

So, among all the ideas, we have to select proper keywords that we can use to target the right audience.

In the above image, I have taken out a few ideas from the three different keyword lists. And if you closely observe all the keywords, then you will come to know the keywords are related to planning the party, organizing the celebrations, etc.

Likewise, you can make the list as per your new audience research requirement. Remember targeting the right audience makes your way for planning the content strategy for SEO easy and worth. This also helps you to do your competitor research and designing the proper website.

If the website is already built, you can add a few more dimensions to the existing services by looking at the keywords.

 By looking at the keywords itself you will get the idea of how the audience is searching for options. What more they require and how many types of parties they want to organize for them.

Gathering this data and studying it closely will give you insight into how to plan the content strategy for your business.

Let me explain to you how to plan the content accordingly.

As this is an e-commerce based website, we have started with the List Post type of content. All the services are displayed with their price tags and pictures so that the user will get a clear idea of how it will be. 

The next part of content planning is describing the product /service in such a way that anyone can imagine how it will be nice when their loved one gets surprised in this way. The personal touch by expressing the feelings for their loved ones makes a great deal for everyone. Planning such parties will create lifelong memories for them.

The third and last plan for content is to tempt the person to book your service. This kind of content will generate ROI. So you need to plan accordingly how to write compelling content so that the user will definitely go for your service. 

So in this way you have to think and plan your content.

You can read more about content planning in my How to plan a Pillar and Cluster Content–A complete guide

2.Organic Research: 

There is another way around apart from tools to find the right audience. Let’s take a look at how we can find the other keywords also. Type the keywords related to your business in a Google Search bar “ Surprise party”.

Google search

You will find that there are different options that are related to a “surprise party” in the Google search itself. So try to analyze how people are searching for your kind of services.

Google Organic Search


Google also displays searches related to a surprise party at the bottom of the search engine result page. You can use these keywords for reference. More or less these are also the same.

Make sure that you are taking extra efforts to takeout correct keywords from all the collected data as the keyword list may contain the data which is not related to you.

When you closely observe all the above images, you will come to know that, there are so many keywords that are not related to your business. As boothesurprise.com is a surprise event planner, they need not think for keywords like “Surprise party ideas, themes or quotes or invitation”, etc.

3.Finding the Pain Point:

Searching the Keywords are the primary requirement of the content plan but apart from that, there are several factors that have to analyze to read the mind of your target audience. The pain point is one of them. The pain point is nothing but the criteria for which purpose the user is finding your service. Moreover what drives them to come to your site.

For surprise party or surprise event planning, there are a lot of pain points you can discover. E.g  

  • A person is living far from his parents and he wants to surprise his/her parents on their anniversary. So, in this case, he can plan the surprise for his parents despite living far away from them.
  • A person is quite busy with his work and doesn’t have time to plan the party for his son/daughter, then he will opt for this party planning from planners.
  • A person forgot about the event and suddenly remembers about the birthday/anniversary

Then he can opt for this kind of event organizers.

Pain Point Of Customer

Likewise, there is always a pain point of the customers who are looking for your services/products.or a Fitness studio, losing weight is a pain point.

Sometimes, emotional quotient works better than need.

Finding the pain points and approaching them with the right content will give the personal touch to the customers. 

4.Targeting Through Social Channels:

Social channel is one of the dominating resources, hence an integral part of the marketing.

Targeting the right demographics can be possible through social channels. Social media gives you the facility to choose the right demographics based on your business. Facebook is one of the best examples of this. Facebook gives you a lot of options to choose the right demographics based on location, interest, affinity, and in-market.

You can run the campaign for your business using these demographics and see the drastic change of reach through social media.

While choosing the right demographics, you can also select the Age, Gender, occupation, education and many more.

Target Demographics InfographicGoogle Trends is also one of the tools which give demographic data based on location trends.

GeoLocationThe above image is showing how the “Surprise party” word is trending in India. The data is collecting information from subregions in India.

Keywords geolocation

Even it shows clearly the keywords that are trending more for the last 7 days. This data helps to grow the business if the changes are made accordingly to your content at the right time.

Likewise, you can select the keyword and see how it is trending in your country or location. A little idea of trending words can have a huge impact on the rankings.

Age, gender, language, location, interests, hobbies, and behavior – There are many metrics that come under demographics. These metrics help you to write engaging content to target potential customers.

Another way to check who is using your site more is to set your Google Analytics account.

This is quite a simple way which gives you all the data like people who are opting for your service more and what is the age group and their geo-location etc.

The below image shows all the details about bookthesurprise.com

You can also create a report by selecting the required demographics according to your business requirements.

Remember you can not target all your customers with the same content. Keeping this in mind you have to plan your content strategy.

5. Follow Them up Through Mails:

Till now we have seen how to target the customers or new consumers. How can we search for the target audience? But at the same time, you have to handle your existing customers. These customers can easily be targeted by sending e-mails via e-mail marketing strategy  This is like giving a personal touch to your customer’s emotions by caring for their upcoming events and offering to plan for them. Wishing them on their birthdays and offering some discounts on your services or products etc. 

E-mail marketing

Offering cool discounts or different offers for your existing customers will not only boost your sales but also there will be natural publicity of your business via these satisfied customers. 

Following these strategies will surely help you craft your content strategy effectively so that it will strike the audience’s chord.

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